Kids Parliament

Kids are the backbone of every society thus; it is essential that they receive education at the highest standards and become civilized citizens of the society. Although, schools today are playing important role in educating Pakistani kids; yet, it is felt that the elements of citizenship and leadership are still have to be embedded in the kids

Kids Parliament is a platform through which The Educare Lyceum  is intended to give opportunity to its young students to come forward and share their view points on every aspect concerned with our country’s administrative, social, political, legal and financial concerns. This will make them active member of the society for bringing positive changes in it. The aim behind developing this society is to make The Educare Lyceum  youth realize how their minor positive thoughts or actions can make significant constructive changes in the whole community.

The Educare Lyceum  Kids  Parliament is a non-political medium where  practical mock assembly sessions will be conducted for future leadership training and understanding of the parliamentary procedures & practices without indulging in partisan and practical activities. This will help students to observe and improve their level of understanding pertaining to country’s affairs, democracy, education, self-motivation, leadership and so on.


Our vision is to provide The Educare Lyceum students the opportunity to realize their significant role as a Pakistani citizen for bringing constructive changes in every field and to develop them as effective future leaders so that they can be part of the decision making process/ system of Pakistan. We will accomplish this vision by providing them the opportunities for online discussions, mock assembly sessions and other related activities.


To encourage The Educare Lyceum  Kids  to become active part of the Pakistani community for positive community transformation and to nurture their leadership qualities by improving their level of understanding pertaining to various societal affairs.


The specific objectives of the TheEducare Lyceum Kids Parliament are:

  • To develop character and moral strength of the youth.
  • To inculcate and foster leadership, citizenship and ability for governance in youth.
  • To nurture tolerance, moderation, ingenuity and self-reliance in the youth.
  • To encourage and talk about issues relevant to society, community and country.
  • To encourage students for decision-making through consensus.
  • To motivate students to take part in various surveys and give their opinions.
  • To debate matters of national and international concern in a supportive model environment.


  • Lectures/workshops for students will be arranged to educate them about different issues of high concern and to prepare them for parliament simulation sessions.
  • Discussion forums on various topics will be opened and later topics will be finalized to be presented in a model parliament session.
  • Students’ committees and groups will be developed region-wise as per the registered members of the society.
  • Online surveys will be conducted for various events and issues to obtain students’ viewpoint.

Parliament simulation sessions will be conducted to develop student’s understanding regarding actual parliament procedures and practices.