Quiz Society

Quiz Society – Learning with Fun

Welcome to the Quiz Society of The Educare Lyceum!

The idea behind the Quiz Society is to arrange such competitions through which we can judge students’ knowledge, skills and their mind-set.


To inculcate a culture of best possible extracurricular activities in The Educare Lyceum students by following the benchmark practices of best schools in the world.


The mission of Quiz Society is to provide a knowledge testing platform to the students of for enhancing their intellectual capacity. The Educare Lyceum Quiz Society aims at channelizing students’ activities in a positive direction through all possible creative and extracurricular student activities particularly quiz and programming competitions at different levels .


  • To propose the initiation of quiz activities at different campuses of The Educare Lyceum
  • To encourage and promote the capable students for representing The Educare Lyceum at different forums in the other schools
  • To increase the students’ knowledge


Overall there will be one complete competition activity during 1 academic year. It will further comprise of sub-level quiz competitions.

The hierarchy for the competition will be as follow:

a. Campus Level

b. Regional Level

c. National  Level