How to study at TEL

Lecture and Quizzes 

The Educare Lyceum follows semester system Spring and Fall .Centralized Academic Calendar and syllabus if followed by every campus and student. Lecture Schedule is provided to the teachers, students and parents for smooth teaching learning and monitoring. Video learning material is also provided to the students in their Learning Management System (ELMS)

Teacher teaches in class in an interactive way as per provided lecture schedule .Video lectures are also broadcasted in class room in presence of teacher as required.

After the lecture, Quiz session (based on lecture delivered) is done to determine if the students have grasped the lecture or not? .In case any student has misconception teacher guides and explains the student to make his/her concept clear.

No Home Work- Just Class work

After the quiz session, class work is assigned to the students and class teacher supervises and monitors the student while doing class work. The teacher provide guidance and counselling to the student wherein required. In this system students learn conceptually. Students may be given some activity based task for home just to enjoy and learn.


Exam is conducted by the Educare Testing Board (ETB) to determine the quality education. Question Bank is maintained by the Head office with the help of skilled and qualified teachers. Questions paper is set from the question bank by the system. No teacher of any campus is involved in paper checking .Result is prepared and declared by the Head Office.