Fine Arts & Culture Society

Fine Arts & Culture Society

Fine Arts society at The Educare Lyceum aims at exploring the unique talent of students in the field of fine Arts. We will help students in discovering their skills and expressing their imagination through various activities.


  • To provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talent.
  • To develop qualities of co-operation, co-ordination and competitive spirit with a culturally vibrant spirit.
  • To ensure freedom of expression for the artist.
  • To encourage a greater understanding of the art in the areas of Painting, Drawing, Sketching, and Coloring.
  • To develop, construct and convey their ideas and concepts using drawing as a tool.
  • To experiment freely with diverse mediums.


Based on the number of campuses and students in each region, the society will coordinate the following activities in various cities and campuses:

  • Drawing competition
  • Water color competition
  • Pastel competition
  • Oil paints competition