Who is the owner of The Educare Lyceum? 
Ans.The Educare Lyceum is a project of “The Educare”. The Educare was registered in 2015 to provide educational and allied services. It is working for educational excellence through its projects:The Educare Lyceum , Taaleem TV , Taaleem Magazine , Educare Testing Board , The Educare Management System , Edu Skills and Edu Ranking.

What are the benefits to the franchise owner? 
Ans.The Educare Lyceum provides comprehensive support to its franchise owners that includes :Feasibility for the campus establishment, Free Website Development , Free Designing of advertising material ,Free School Management System(that includes , Information Desk Management, Admission Management , Student Management , Teacher Management  , Parent Management , Accounts Management , Exam Management, Library Management , Transport Management , Hostel Management, Communication Management  and certification Management ), Centralized Syllabus , Centralized Lesson Planning , Free Student ID card Development ,Free Teachers Training before the commencement of each term , Free Medical Check Up of the students and Teachers,  Parents Training ,Conduct of Exam By the Head Office , Declaration of Result By the Head Office , Service Rules , Provision of Video Recorded Lectures . ICT installation at low price. Online Store for school related items.

What are the benefits to the parents? 
Ans.The Educare Lyceum is responsible for the education and personality development of the students. Parents need not to worry. No tuition is required to The Educarians. Parents can monitor the academic activity/attendance /results/ fee status/transportation route online 24/7.They may have medical history of their children from school. Guidance and counselling to parents about the expected future field of their children. Online interaction with school management. Medical Check up of the child in each term. In case of any serious illness Medical Board facility for consultation.

What are the benefits to the students?  
Ans.A very comfortable learning enjoinment is provided to the student. Students learn conceptually, they need not cramming. No homework is given to students and all is done in the school under the supervision of teacher. No burden of bag as books of the students are kept in classroom shelves allocated to the students. Student Health card is issued to student for medical checkup. No major teaching learning stress at home. Students watch Taaleem TV video lectures in class room for better understanding of concepts.

What is the way of teaching learning at The Educare Lyceum ? 
Ans.In 55 minutes period, 25 minutes are for teacher to teach the students . 5 minutes are for Quize based on the delivered lesson/lecture to evaluate how much student have grasped. Next 20 minutes are for Classwork (said to be homework) under the supervision of teacher.

How the exam is conducted? 
Ans.Exam is conducted by the Head Office through Educare Testing Board (ETB). Paper setting , conduct of exam , result preparation and declaration of the result is responsibility of The Educare Head Office .

Does The Educare has different standards for the various provinces? 
Ans.Absolutely not. The Educre Lyceum provides an identical education to all its students regardless of their geographical location. All students, regardless of whether they live in large cities or small towns or even remote areas are taught centralized content in a centralized way. Even examinations are identical throughout the country.

How is identical education possible all over the country? 
Ans.The Educare Lyceum uses Taaleem TV  for broadcasting its video lectures . Centralized syllabus and centralized lesson planning ensured the standardized education all over the country. Examinations are conducted by ETB.

How can one apply for franchise? 
Ans.One can obtain franchise application form from the website and apply after reading the requirements, Fee and procedure. please visit>franchise

If The Educare Lyceum campus can be used to run an academy in second time/evening?
Ans.The Educare Lyceum discourages the tuition culture, campus cannot be used for a typical academy. However, it can be used for professional education(for different certifications) under Edu Skills.

How can one can contact the Head Office in case of any issue? 
Ans.Official communication between the campuses and head office is through E-Mail. Email of relevant departments have been provided at the contact us page of the website

If Head Office will help in documentation for registration

Ans. will help in documentation for the school registration.

If the education imparted by The Educare Lyceum is comparable to international standards? 
Ans.Yes. The Educre lyceum syllabus is based on curricula developed by the National Education Commission. The course outlines used in these curricula are based on international demands and standards.